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Our Mission

To make disciples of Jesus Christ who will be equipped spiritually, socially and academically 

to further God's kingdom in this World.

Why Our School?

At Avilla Christian Academy we believe each child is fearfully and wonderfully made. Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” All children have immense potential and value. We help them grasp this and engage in the process of becoming what God designed them to be. How do we do this? We focus on growth in three critical realms: spiritual, social, and academic. Like Jesus, we accept kids where they are, but like Jesus, we do not leave them where they are. We insist on continuous development and growth in each critical realm. Our school is doubly accredited; our teachers are state licensed; and each one provides a loving model of what it means to follow Jesus in discipleship and growth.

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Lutherans have a rich history in education. As Martin Luther said, "For the sake of the Church we must have and maintain Christian schools." Zion Lutheran Church took this admonition to heart when it established a preschool in 1990 to serve the community. In 2002, the church began extending the school’s grade-levels, year by year. 

Affiliation &

Avilla Christian Academy is a ministry of Zion Lutheran Church. Zion is a member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. To learn more about the LC-MS and its schools, click here.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to the following educational priorities:

  • Ensuring all teachers are academically qualified and state licensed, are committed to continuous professional growth, care sincerely about their students, and model a Christ-like life

  • Loving and valuing each student as one whom God created in his image and for whom Jesus sacrificed his life

  • Cultivating joy and security in each student through a Christ-centered learning environment

  • Using loving discipline and encouragement to bring about growth in all students’ character and social skills

  • Affirming and developing the God-given talents and abilities of each student

  • Fostering a dedication to continuous, life-long learning that is intrinsically motivated within each child

  • Employing instructional strategies, curriculum, and materials that are engaging and bring about authentic learning

  • Focusing on perpetual student effort, progress, and growth rather than on particular levels of proficiency

  • Integrating Christian beliefs and values into all classes and subjects

As a Christian school of the Lutheran heritage we seek to do the following things:

  • Worship and glorify the Triune God as traditionally confessed by the one, holy, Christian Apostolic Church

  • Appreciate and share our Christian and Lutheran heritage

  • Create a community in Christ that exemplifies God’s love in all of our relationships

  • Engage in biblical conflict resolution by communicating directly to others with whom we are in conflict

  • Practice the dynamics of confession, repentance, and forgiveness

  • Live humble lives, following the teachings of Christ and being conformed to his image by God’s grace

  • Impact the world with the values of God’s kingdom, beginning with our school, our church, and the local community

Spiritual Life

Avilla Christian Academy is about more than simply imparting academic knowledge. At the heart of our community is the person of Jesus Christ. All we do centers around him. We begin each day with prayer. Jesus and his values, from the Bible, are integrated into every academic area because all of life—history, science, literature, mathematics, and all intellectual pursuits—derive their origin in God who enables people to reason and wonder at his creation. At Avilla Christian Academy, students spend time in Bible study each day, and once a week the entire school joins together to worship the Lord in a youth-oriented chapel service. In our interpersonal relationships, we use conflicts and discipline situations as an opportunity to model confession, repentance, forgiveness and love as we all—students, teachers, and staff—learn to become more and more like Jesus.

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